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Urbanworld September 24th. Tickets HERE.

New Orleans Film Festival Oct 12-20th.

We premiered at the LA Film Festival on June 2nd.

We screened at the Blackstar Film Festival on Saturday, August 6th.

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We Covered Brooklyn


Restless and ambitious, 18 year-old Caesar Winslow is the leader of his crew, with swagger for days. But 72 hours before he leaves for a prestigious university, his confidence shatters. His girlfriend breaks up with him and the “woman of his dreams” won’t give him the time of day. His friends leave his corner and even the streets seem ready to sock him in the jaw. What will he do? “72 Hours: a Brooklyn Love Story?” takes the audience through a rapidly-gentrifying borough as Caesar and his friends spend three days rambling up and down its parkways in search of the perfect ending.

image credit: Men In Love (2010)

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If you live in Brooklyn, chances are we'll be shooting in your 'hood sometime in the next couple months. Let us know if you've seen us around town, or anything, really.